CD Musique de Danse Claude Blouin no longer needs any introduction. He is one of Montreal's best and most active trombonists. He has been a part of every major enterprise in the country, and has played with such touring greats as Nat King Cole, Jack Benny, Harry Belafonte, Tom Jones, Shirley McLaine, Engelbert Humperdinck, Liberace, Julio Iglesias, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Judy Garland, Samy Davis jr. Milton Berle, to name a few.

Claude Blouin was born in 1929 in St-Barnabé Sud. He studied for over two years at the Conservatoire de Musique under the tutelage of Julien Fischer and Charles Korsakov, after he decided to study on his own. Listening to innumerable recordings, he would explore each sound, each note, each arrangement, until the intricacies of the trombone became a second nature to him. Having mastered the instrument, he began studying harmony with Michel Perrault, all the while doing the nightclub circuit in Montreal.

In no time, his talents were acknowledged and his fine reputation awarded him prime studio work at Radio-Canada, CFTM - Tele Metropole, CFCF-TV and L'ONF as well as many recordings.
But life does not end at fifty years of age and Blouin vows to prove it. Aided and abetted by his artistic experience, he decided to embark on more diversified musical enterprises.

Thus begins his talent hunt and his musical instincts do not fail him. He meets a young performer, Linda Mailho, and produces her first LP '' Ce Temps Précieux '' which? opens up new horizons for him. A few months later, he produced his first English 45 featuring the group CCJ (Celine Forget, Cheryl Ann Graul , and Joanne Blouin).
In the mean time, he decides to spoil himself by performing in his own creation, ''Carnaval de Rêves'' and ''Ce n'est pas pour moi'' which constituted a prelude to a new recording career, further solidified by his instrumental and vocal masterpiece, ''C'était un gars de Chez Nous'' But his production ambitions are nevertheless not neglected. In fact, much care is given to expanding his team which includes his latest protégés Lyne Jenois and Roberto Forte, both on the verge of making quite a name for themselves under the aegis of a very astute and very energetic Claude Blouin.

In a nutshell, Claude Blouin has been and continues to be the most active and well-rounded show business personality on the Quebec scene.

One thing is certain: his biography has yet to be completed because Claude Blouin's creativity and dynamism are just not being exploited, and the world of show-biz may never be the same.

The: ''Disque de Danse, CLAUDE BLOUIN et son orchestre'' musically, conceived, arranged and orchestrated by ''CLAUDE BLOUIN'' in order to satisfy even the most adept in the art of rhythm and dance.


Claude Blouin has now been producing dance recordings for 15 years and his series '' DISQUE de DANSE, CLAUDE BLOUIN et son Orchestre'' has been consistently acclaimed for its high professional quality.
Before launching out on his own account, Claude's professional career, like that of Gleen Miller before him, was that of a freelance studio musician, playing for radio, television, records and films. Through these busy studio years he met and worked with virtually every musician in Montreal; thus, when he came to organize his own studio orchestra, he knew exactly which musicians to use and also how to promote their individual musical in his arrangements.

Claude can be justly proud of the work he has accomplished with these musicians and singers. His arrangements and orchestrations are now available on 7 compact discs and 11 cassettes and include 45 of his own compositions. In all of these productions Claude is band leader, plays in the trombone section, and plays all the trombone solos in his catalogue. It is his intention to introduce young musicians of outstanding talent in his future productions.

The next addition to Claude's catalogue is already underway and a new CD including 7 of his own compositions will be ready for release in September 1995. A further production is planned which will feature smooth trombone solos on a CD of'' Music for Lovers''.

It should be mentioned that all through his studio years Claude was always interested in ''Ballroom Dance Music'' and it is thus not surprising that his compositions included the following dance rhythms :
Fox-trot – rumba – tango – meringue – samba – mambo – slow swing – Jive –
Rock 'n roll – waltzes – cha-cha and quick step.

In 2003, Claude lived a special experience: after being approched to play in the movie "Les IMMORTELS" as a musician, he was offered to play as a comedian; a second role that enabled him to say 6 or 7 lines as an actor. It was truly an enriching experience. The movie " Les IMMORTELS " is directed by Paul Thinel and features, among others, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Jean Lapointe.

A local example of Claude's success is the fact that his dance music has been featured regularly – and now more than ever – on Quebec's most popular Saturday Night radio show, Gordon Courtney's ''SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE JUPITER'', which is broadcast weekly from the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Montreal. Customers for Claude's music are not limited to Canada but also include the United States, Japan, Germany, England, Hawaii, Australia, and Malasia.

Future biographical updates will be issued as Claude Blouin's exciting career continues.

For any information, you can reach M. Claude Blouin at
or by phone at 450-616-2162.